The reason why we are more..

Felxible co-operation, individual ideas based on experience

Our team is available for our clients to achieve strategies and reach the target audience during promotion campaigns.

Not only our hosts and hostesses are ready for the realization of projects but we also help with our professional experience, ideas and flexible attitude.

Our prepared hostesses and hosts help getting in touch with new clients and keeping the older ones even more committedly at product shows, road shows or any other other ways our partner wishes.


Event preparations

Our hosts and hostesses help in any other up coming tasks befor the begining of the event, such as the assembling of gift packages, preparation of registration, laying seat cards, transportation or the installation of the location.


Office work

Often the permanent manpower does not seem to be enough before the event. You may facilitate administration, contacting or the preparation and posting of invitation cards with the help of our hoestesses.

Other tasks to be done at organisations

There are always unexpected tasks and happening at an event. To solve these, our hostesses and hosts are there to help, since they represent our clients to make a perfect organisation.


Presence of leader, Supervisors

After every order of 4 people at a event or promotion we recommend a supervisor as well.


Our leaders control and do all tasks concerning team organization, they transmit the information between our clients and employees. Supervisors play a specially important row during work because only a teamed, guided and well informed group of people is able to effectively perform the tasks.

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