Companies we helped and that we are still in contact with.

With no claim of being exhaustive:


ING – promotions and programs during the year 2013, 2014|Mercedes Benz 2014- Sziget, Balatonsound|KEKKH- client registration 2013, 2014|TRILAK- Participation at Exhibitions 2013, 2014|Lidl- nation-wide tasting, supermarked openings 2014| SUZUKI – 2013, 2014 naton-wide promotion| MERCEDES BENZ- Programs for children on factory opening, Kecskemét|CORONITA Promotion 2013|SPORT TV – at the busy parts of Budapest the girls mentioned offsides, simulated falls and wrong cleats to the surprised men + Balatonsound activity 2012| MECEDES BENZ – Pappas Auto and Mercedes Benz held their Hungarian premier at 11.11.2011. in the salon of Pappas Auto in Budapest|WORD SERIES BY RENAULT- 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 HUngaroring complete service|Bertolli activity – Budapest promotion, BRAND BUILDING – Client Party as a partner of McCann Erickson | BUDAPEST BANK – Company meeting as a partner of Roxer Event & More – Hotel Azúr, Siófok | BUDAPEST LIFE MAGAZIN – Product promotion Party – Milleneum Szalon | OPERA BALL BUDAPEST Co.Inc. – Opera Ball Budapest 2007, 2008, 2009, 2009. Guest reception, attendance, raffle sale at the Hungarian State Opera | CHELLO EUROPE CO. INC. – Sport Tv – promotion, Spektrum reneweble organisation, DANUBIUS HOTELS – Travel Expo 2006, 2007 – Hungexpo Hotel, Marina Promotion| DEUTSCHE BANK – Company meeting – Mariott Hotel, guest reception, registration, gift serving, cloak room | DOFCO KFT HP softwer conference – VAN Design Center guest reception, registration, chocolate tasting, gift serving | HANSGROHE KFT Axor & Papamama Collective Design Awards Gala – Gödör, Guest reception, guest attendance, gift srving | KARÁT 90' Schoeffel Gyöngy gala. Stafánia Palace, Four Seasons Hotel | LEITZ HUNGÁRIA Ltd. – Samsung Promotion, Media Markt, Satirn, Extreme Digital, MAM LIGET Ltd. – Paradiso gated community promotion | MATERIAL CENTER – Material Center opening as a partner of McCann Erickson | MASTERCARD – Sziget 2006 Master Card promotion and MasterStar Activity | Matercard – Bank of the year 2006 | MOL – Mol Workshop – Hotel Azúr, Siófok | MOULIN ROUGE – Thirsday Night Party series promotion, entry | PHILIPS MAGYARORSZÁG Ltd. – BNV 2005- Solarium expo stand representation | PLAYSTATION – Penthouse party Cuba Libre – Mamut | POZITÍVTREND BT. - ExxonMobil Safety Days, Exxon Mobil company meeting – Exxon Mobil Health days at the Hungarian State Opera | PROFI POWER Ltd. – Job Fair – Corvinus University, promotion for the University of Technology of Budapest | RAMEXA NPD Ltd. Akvinta Vodka promotion – Cosmopolitan Shopping Night- Show-Room – Coronita promotion – Danubius Radio End of the year party, ROXER EVENT & MORE – Gold and Dinamonds opening – Bulgari & Chopard & Vertu | SAAB –Fleet & PR Event Ferihegy Airport, Hotel Interkontinental, Hungaroring Guest reception, guest attendance | SANOMA BUDAPEST ZRT. – FHM 100 Top Hot selection – Showroom | SPRING DRINK – Tasting, product promotion, Rotschild's grocery stores | TÓPARK – SOUL MARKETING | 101. birthday of the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts – guest receiving, cloakroom service in the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts | ÚJ BUDA CENTER – Opening ceremonies, promotion, news conference and VIP party opening, Valantine's day's prize promotion | VOLKSBANK – 15th birthday gala of Volksbank - Congress Center of Budapest | WORLD OF LUXURY – private birthday party – WOL villa guest reception